Saturday, January 13, 2007

Session 1: Response - Activities Log & Learning Contract

Finally after spending couple days, today (3:20 pm Saturday) I have this site set up correctly. I will do some more editing on the cosmetic of this site later, when I complete today's course assignment. I am still working on the problem with starting a new paragraph when I type (I think that I must go back and edit the html tags.). I will fix this problems. RESPONSE ITEMS: Area 1. Technology - In its broad sense, technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants. Technology also includes all of the infrastructure necessary for the design, manufacture, operation, and repair of technological artifacts, from corporate headquarters and engineering schools to manufacturing plants and maintenance facilities (Please be aware that technology is not about computer.) In our advanced society, especially in educational field, technology already found its way, literally, to every American classroom. Therefore, using technology for enhancing the effectiveness of learning and teaching to achieve the goal of education is an innovate idea. As an automotive instructor, I strongly welcome the integrated technologies into my field. I also must prepare myself to be a technological literate person. Area 2. Communication to others - It takes technological literacy to communicate about effective use of technology. I believe that, when a person is equipped with characteristics of technologically literacy such as knowledge, ways of thinking and actings, and capabilities would be able to communicate very effectively to others. Area 3. Supporting the effective use of technology - Again, it needs technologically literacy to perform an effective supporting role. The Characteristics of a Technologically Literacy Person are: Knowledge: recognizing the pervasiveness of technology in everyday life - understanding basic engineering concepts and terms, such as systems, constraints, and trade-offs - familiarizing with the nature and limitations of the engineering design process - knowing some of the ways technology shapes human history and people shape technology - knowing that all technologies entails risk, some that can be anticipated and some that cannot - appreciating that the development and use of technology involve trade-offs and a balance of costs and benefits - understanding that technology reflects the values and culture of society. Ways of Thinking and Acting: asking pertinent questions, of self and others, regarding the benefits and risks of technologies - seeking information about new technologies - participating, when appropriate, in decisions about the development and use of technology. Capabilities: having a range of hands-on skills, such as using a computer for word processing, surfing the Internet, and operating a variety of home/office appliances - can identify and fix simple mechanical or technological problems at home or at work - can apply basic mathematical concepts related to probability, scale, and estimation to make informed judgments about technological risks and benefit.


James said...

Hello De Nguyen,

I totally agree with you that technology has found its way into every classroom in America. The classrooms today are very different from 20-30 years ago.
I like your characteristics for a technologically literacy person. I think that as our society becomes more technologically advance, we will need more of these type of people.


Anita K. said...

Welcome to the class!! I like the blog! It took me numerous tries before I finally made a blog that I wanted to keep. You have made some interesting comments about the use of technology in your field. I look forward to more developments on the use within the field.

dengman said...

Good use of colors. It helps break up the readings.
"In our advanced society, especially in .. to every American classroom. " I agree with you on this and every classroom uses technology differently.