Thursday, January 11, 2007

Activity Log For Week 1/ 8 to 1/13

This week I am lost in keeping track of time. Especially in the last three days, I have been trying to set up this site. Too many hours past by and frustrations..., here I am. It is 1:30 pm on Saturday now. At least I can clear out my underconstruction posting. Now I must begin to get on tract with the schedule of ETEC 623. I visited other scholar's site and made some responses. I will review and post some more responses when my site work is done. For the course's reqiurement, I plan to complete every assignments and projects requirements by due dates.


623denguyen said...


dengman said...

Howdy De Nguyen,
I look forward to workign with you this quarter online. You will enjoy this program.
See youonline,

Jennie O'Kelley said...

Boy, you sure had a lot to write LOL. I enjoy your blog page and the pictures. You have a great understanding of technology. I look forward to reading more from you.